Ashland High School - Class of 1958
Ashland High School - Class of 1958

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Honoring victims of Pearl Harbor

On attack’s 75th anniversary, Grayson service includes color guard, POW/MIA ceremony


GRAYSON With a crowd gathered in front of her on Wednesday, Delores Sarpas asked that each individual never forget the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The group was meeting at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North East for a memorial service that Sarpas put together to honor those affected by the tragedy that struck 75 years ago on Wednesday.

The service included a color guard and POW/MIA ceremony led by the West Carter ROTC and a 21-gun salute. Retired Col. Ralph Newman of the U.S. Army also spoke, repainting the time period and recognizing the impact Pearl Harbor has continued to have on the country.

Tony Boyd, who brought his father, George, to the ceremony, said the memorial was the next best thing to visiting Peal Harbor — something the two have done in the past.

George Boyd, who is a Navy veteran of the Korean War, explained how emotional it was to see the USS Arizona Memorial.

He said it broke his heart to see all the names of those who were killed.

He also recalled hearing about Pearl Harbor being struck when he was 10.

“When I heard it on the radio that they bombed Pearl Harbor, my grandmother said ‘Oh Lord, I hope you don’t have to go to service.’ She didn’t want me to die,” he said.

Sarpas also vividly remembers learning about the attack on her television news. She was just a 7-year-old in 1941 and said it has stayed with her throughout her entire life.

As for Wednesday’s ceremony, she is still somewhat unsure as to why she wanted to host it. She said something inside of her kept telling her to pursue the event.

“I just felt, for some reason, God was pushing me to do it — thinking about Pearl Harbor and wanting to say thank you to the men who died, their families. I just had to remember them,” said Sarpas.

A first-timer at hosting a memorial service, Sarpas reflected on the event, feeling it went well. She hopes to be able to repeat it again next year.

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